Saturday, December 09, 2006

featuring some very beautiful people.

"i just was passed by a pure turbo wood kit. and i am not sure how i feel about it."

Pure Turbo.
as in:

ME and ZF

ME: "what the hell? did a pt cruise just pass me?"

ZF: "yeah dude, what'd ya think the T was for?"

ME: "the T? i dunno."

ZF: "Turbo. the T stands for Turbo."

ME: "Turbo? What? What does the P stand for then?"

ZF: "Pure."

ME: "PURE?! Pure Turbo!?"

ZF: "yeah dude."

Wood Kit.
as in:
Wood Kit = a car with wood paneling on the sides

Pure Turbo Wood Kit.
as in:
The dorkiest car.

...and it passed me on the highway.

Try this sometime:
Just make up a word.
You don't have to have a meaning. Just make up a fun word.
Here are some examples:


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